What Determines a Diamond's Value?

The value of diamonds, and therefore their price, is determined by several factors including external market conditions of supply and demand, the quality of the actual diamond and the grading laboratory used to determine the diamond's value.

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Each diamond is different from another and generally this difference can be observed using the Four C’s, which are: cut, colour, clarity and carat (the diamond weight).

Not only does a larger carat lead to a higher diamond price and value, but those diamonds that are close to colourless, with a good clarity of few or no inclusions and with an excellent cut will also have a higher value than those that are yellow, with many inclusions and of a poor cut.

The value of diamonds will also be significantly affected by the grading laboratory that was used to certify them. A GIA graded diamond (the Gemological Institute of America) will have a higher value than that of a similar diamond that has been graded by a laboratory of lesser standing.

The other diamond characteristics that determine a diamond’s value are symmetry, polish and fluorescence.

  • A diamond is more valuable if it has an excellent symmetry rather than a poor symmetry.
  • A diamond with an excellent polish will also be more valuable than one with a poor polish.
  • A diamond with no fluorescence will also have a higher value than one with a strong fluorescence.

Finally, the value of diamonds is also affected by market supply and demand. As shown by the chart below, diamond prices have only been increasing over the past 50 years, thus increasing their value.

value of diamonds

The rising demand for diamonds in India and China is also leading to an increase in their value.

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