Investment Diamonds - a guide on how to invest in diamonds
Investing in Diamonds

Investment Diamonds are very valuable as a store of value for a medium- to long-term investment. Investment grade diamonds typically appreciate more in value than all the other types and are often sold at a premium to lower quality diamonds. Investing in diamonds is easy; all you need to know is the criteria that describes an investment diamond and limit your search to only fit this criteria below:

An investment diamond has the following characteristics:

  • Colour:   D
  • Clarity:  FL, IF
  • Cut:  Excellent
  • Polish:  Excellent
  • Symmetry:  Excellent
  • Fluorescence:  None

Narrow your search below to these parameters and you will find several investment grade diamonds that are available to you. While these diamonds will be far more expensive that lower qualities, Diamonds in Africa are proud to offer you these investment diamonds at prices far more competitive than high street retailers and other online stores.

At the moment Diamonds in Africa stock over 300 investment grade diamonds. Here is one example:

Round Brilliant: 1.03 ct, D, IF, Ex, Ex, Ex, None. Price: US$ 20,785.00 (see the certificate here)

To begin your search, use the DIA Diamond Search tool.

Liquidity and Investing in Diamonds

To successfully invest in diamonds you need to buy diamonds that not only appreciate in value but also have a liquid market into which it is possible to sell your diamond at a later stage thus making a good return on your investment. It is this liquidity that until recently the diamond market lacked.

Diamonds in Africa now offers you the opportunity to sell back your investment diamond once its value has risen so that you may cash in on its appreciation over time.

For more info on how to invest in diamonds, please contact us or alternatively you may want to find an investment diamond using the diamond search tool and request its availability. You may also find this "investing in diamonds" presentation below to be of interest:

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