Choosing a diamond that is right for you

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How to buy a diamond using the Four C's to guide you


Cut refers to the proportions of a diamond which directly impacts the diamond's brilliance and sparkle. When a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, light is lost through the bottom or the sides and is not reflected back through the top. There are five different cut grades, excellent, very good, good, fair and poor. It is only possible to buy diamonds with excellent to fair cut grades from DIA, ensuring your diamond has a sparkle you can be proud of.


Colour is graded using letters D to Z. D, being colourless, all the way through to Z, a light yellow or brown. The closer a diamond is to "Colourless", the higher its value. Diamonds in Africa offers only diamonds in the top 7 colours; ranging from D to J, which is important to remember when learning how to buy a diamond from DIA. These diamonds fall mostly in the range of colourless to near-colourless.


Clarity refers to the natural imperfections that occur in a diamond. These imperfections are called inclusions. There are 11 possible grades for clarity, ranging from Flawless, a diamond that has no inclusions or blemishes, to I3, a grade for diamonds with inclusions easily visible to the naked eye. Diamonds in Africa offers diamonds ranging from Flawless, to SI2 and exclude all diamonds with large imperfections.

Carat Weight:

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. For an engagement ring, the most popular choices are one, and two carat diamonds. At DIA it is possible to buy diamonds as large as 10 carats or more. View our guide on advanced diamond criteria to learn how to buy a diamond with an in-depth understanding of the characteristics that many people are unaware of. When you are ready to find the perfect diamond, search through over 75,000 diamonds here.


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