GIA Certified Diamonds
Diamonds in Africa offer GIA Certified Diamonds only

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is recognised around the world by diamond wholesalers and consumers alike as the foremost authority in diamond grading.

While there are other laboratories in the market, we have chosen to only offer GIA certified diamonds for two important reasons:

  • It is widely known within the industry that other labs may falsely increase a diamond's grading to attract more business from diamond dealers. A diamond buyer may be led to believe that a diamond is of a higher colour and clarity when in fact GIA would have given the diamond a more accurate appraisal. 
  • By only listing diamonds from GIA, we ensure you can make an accurate comparison between two or more similar diamonds.

We offer a GIA report check service where you can conveniently find your diamond's corresponding certificate from the GIA website. 

At Diamonds in Africa we provide all the education needed to understand even the most intricate details on a GIA report. This will allow you to accurately determine a diamonds quality and thus the value. See our how to buy a diamond guide.

GIA is a non-profit organisation with a mission to ensure the public's trust by upholding the highest standards of integrity. GIA is one of the only non-profit laboratories in the world. This combined with strict procedures has allowed them to avoid bribery and maintain its leadership role in certified diamonds.

With sophisticated technology and experienced institute researchers, GIA is known to be the global leader in gemological research. When new synthetic diamonds and treatment procedures are brought into the diamond markets, GIA is both able and dedicated to spot them and refuse certification.

GIA is the laboratory to turn to for an unbiased diamond evaluation for any diamond anywhere in the world. A GIA certified diamond assures a gem’s quality and authenticity and will accompany every diamond purchased at Diamonds in Africa.

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