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Until recently, there were significant differences between a diamond wholesaler and retailer.

Diamond wholesalers could only be found in certain centers in a handful of cities around the world. Even then their doors were mostly closed to the public and even though they had the best prices and a wide variety to choose from, this was only for the benefit of other diamond dealers or jewellery store retailers who would buy from them and then put an additional mark-up before selling to you, the final customers.

diamond wholesaler

Even if you could somehow gain access to a traditional diamond wholesaler, they would often not provide the customer benefits that most retail stores would. They would not offer you the option of free delivery or to return your purchase if you are now satisfied.

Diamonds In Africa was created to bridge this gap between the traditional diamond wholesaler and retailer. Using our search tool, you can not only find over 75,000 GIA graded and conflict-free diamonds to choose from but you also have the benefit of being offered diamond wholesaler prices.

As an online diamond retailer we also offer you the benefits of free FedEx delivery around the world and the peace of mind of 30 day returns.

When you are ready to get the best of both worlds: the choice and prices of a diamond wholesaler with the customer service and benefits of a reliable online diamond retailer, search through over 75,000 diamonds here.

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