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The founders of DiamondsInAfrica.com (DIA) have been trading successfully as diamond dealers for the past 6 years. Since 2010, the founders of the business have made it possible for you to find and purchase affordable GIA graded diamonds directly from our website.

As diamond dealers we have access to over 75,000 diamonds that are at prices usually only available to other dealers in the trade. We cut out the middle-men that previously existed between ourselves and you, the customer, and together with overheads significantly lower than those of retailers, the cost savings are passed on to our clients in the form of prices that are up to 40% cheaper than high street stores.

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Because we have direct access to customers around the world, as diamond dealers we are now also directly responsible for ensuring that all our diamonds are of conflict-free origins. We are directly accountable to our customers and for this reason we source our diamonds only from regions that are conflict-free, abiding to the rules of the Kimberley Process.

Diamond dealers can usually be found in diamond centers in countries such as South Africa, Belgium, Israel and India. In addition, the diamond traders that sell at the most competitive prices usually do not trade with the final customer. For these reasons it may be difficult for people around the world to easily reach or find a diamond dealer selling high quality, GIA and conflict-free diamonds at affordable prices. It is this lack of access that has led to the rise of online diamond dealers such as Diamonds In Africa.

When you are ready to find diamonds which will be delivered to you free of charge by one of the most reliable online diamond dealers, search through over 75,000 diamonds here.


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